Stanford Consulting Group, Inc.

Economic Analysis, Litigation Support, Expert Testimony

Research, analysis and expert testimony in complex business litigation and regulatory proceedings

Economic Research and Data Analysis

SCG, Inc. is often retained to analyze and recommend solutions to industry problems and questions of public policy. We have assisted clients in interpreting and resolving critical economic issues across a wide spectrum of areas including potential tax and regulatory changes, nominal versus effective tax rates, tax incidence and shifting, new financial products, market structure, pricing, level of competition and fair rate of return.

SCG consultants are frequently called upon to provide testimony based on their research.

SCG Experience

SCG's economic research has included:

  • Analysis of large complex automobile claims database
  • Analysis of large complex medical claims database
  • Various engagements to assess the statistical accuracy of fuzzy search algorithms commonly used to match life insurance policy holders to the Social Security Death Master File
  • Studies of the feasibility of potential new insurance products, auto physical damage insurance futures and small group health insurance futures, for the Chicago Board of Trade.
  • Analyses and recommended solutions for the problems plaguing the medical malpractice insurance market in Pennsylvania for a Select Committee comprising the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the Pennsylvania Hospital Association.
  • Analysis of different forms of taxation of the California life insurance industry and the economic consequences of each for the Association of California Life Insurance Companies.
  • Analysis and recommendations for the optimal regulation of the California private passenger auto insurance industry for the Association of California Insurance Companies.
  • Assessment of the level of competition in the California private passenger auto insurance market for the Association of California Insurance Companies.
  • Evaluation of the California Worker's Compensation Rating Law for the Association of California Insurance Companies.